Matching Question

Matching questions present students with two columns of corresponding information. To answer the question, they need to select a choice from the right side column to match each of the entries in the left side column. The example below shows how to author a matching question and how it will appear to a student.


In the Ask section, give directions for answering the question. In the Answer section, supply the choices for both the left and right side columns. In the * column of the left side answer give the number from the right side that matches each answer on the left.






In the example above, three countries are given for the left side entries, and three cities for the right side ones. The numbers in the input boxes next to the left side entries denote the correct match from the right side choices. Randomize order when displayed is checked so that the left side entries (but not the right side ones) will be presented in a different order each time a student sees the question.


A student will see the following (the order may, of course, vary):